Customize your own socks here!

YESSSSSSSS! Creating customized socks IS OUR FAVORITE THING TO DO!


Let’s put your favorite food, color, cat, horse, place, person, dog, saying, brand logo, barn logo, my face, your face, on some socks!

For orders of 1-50 pairs, please create them on our NEW CUSTOMIZER! 


Have the Dream Scheme Team create your socks when you order 50+ pairs!

Purchase the CUSTOM SOCK option below.  We will contact you during business hours to get the process started.

Order a Custom Sock!

You can also send us an email at with the subject line-

YO! I NEED SOME CUSTOM SOCKS!  Or something along those lines. 

If you are an eager beaver (we love eager beavers around here) you can simply respond to your confirmation email that you will get after you purchase the CUSTOM SOCK option and include the following-

 In the email, I need you to include a HI-RES Jpeg, PDF, PNG or EPS of whatever you want on the socks.  I cannot lift a logo from a photo, I need the file, please

The better quality the image, the better quality your socks will be.

I need to know the TOTAL AMOUNT (in pairs) that you are looking for.  I will send you an additional invoice once we have mocked up your custom creation and have approved it.

Once you have approved the design, your socks should be ready to go in 1-2 weeks, depending on the volume of orders we have at the time. 

Please keep in mind when designing your amazing socks, that those materials that are unlawful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, hateful, infringe upon any intellectual property are some of the things you should avoid.

I do better with some creative direction! If you can include colors and themes, that would be super helpful! We will be able to get your project completed much quicker if we cut down on the back and forth.  A great place to find inspiration in on ETSY!  Search ‘Digital Paper’ and you will find 100000000 patterns.


We do have some limitations! 

We print our socks front to back (flat) so we cannot do’ side of the leg’ hits.  Only front and back logo positioning.  We also recommend to try and avoid dark background colors, such as black.

All custom socks will have minor break lines when they stretch, and it’s more apparent when using dark colors. Try using a lighter color, (we strongly suggest a pattern!) for your design for better results.


Now, the nitty gritty of having us design your sock...


The first pair of any new design will always be $30.  This price includes an initial digital mock-up and shipping and must be paid before we start the design process.

Need less than 50 pairs? Please create your own through our CUSTOMIZER! 


If you would like more than 50 pairs, or are a retail operation (that is not currently a D&S Retail Partner) that would like to resell the socks, please contact Kristy about setting up a corporate account- or 778.888.3744

We also have some amazing knit sock opportunities for private label or branded sale in quantities 300+, email us for the deets!