Custom Socks!

I want to customize my own socks, what should I do?

Choose the 'CUSTOMIZE YOUR SOCKS' product and get started! Open the product details. Choose 'more details'. Do not add to cart from this screen.

Once you've fully opened the product, you need to choose CUSTOMIZE (blue button) to make your creation.

I'd like my socks designed for me, what should I do?

We love designing socks! Choose the product 'Custom D&S Riding Boot Socks, we design'. Choose 'MORE DETAILS' (do not add to cart from this screen). Choose how many you'd like and follow the instructions.

How many pairs of custom socks do I need to buy?

You can make as little as 1 pair!

Are there quantity discounts?

Yes! Once you've created your socks, you can change quantities to see pricing. 🥰


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Choose whether you'd like to design your own socks, or have us design them! 

Minimum order: 1 PAIR! 

Made just for you! 2 weeks until delivery after you approve the design and purchase ❤️