For all the dreamers & schemers out there, this one's for you~

dreamers & schemers is located on the left coast, in a mellow town with a high Birkenstock count.

We love dogs & horses and most cats (cause you know, some cats are jerks)

We enjoy pancakes & avocados but not necessarily together. 

We love design, form & function (and ampersands) 

We have been dreaming and scheming in the equestrian industry for a while and in the wholesale / retail industry forever.

We just wanna dance.



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*Fine Print* 

D&S Socks are machine washable in warm-cool water and should hang to dry.

D&S Socks are approx 18 inches from toe to end of cuff (un stretched) 

D&S Socks fit almost any size foot.

D&S Socks have been stretched during the printing process (and will stretch during every wear) but will reform after every wash.

D&S Socks are very stretchy widthwise.  We have had them on a 16.5 inch calf easily and comfortably.

D&S Socks are small batch and hand printed using a sublimation process. Every sock is a unique and beautiful snowflake- sometimes there are small folds or inconsistencies that get printed over.  We are an artisanal sock company, enjoy your one of a kind sock!