Our new Solid Color Knit Socks are thinner than our regular knit socks are are ready to rock your summer #rootd 

Stretchy and fit most leg widths 🤠 

Smooth and thin for the perfect fit on a hot day. 


solid socks

What is a Pair & A Spare?

Every pair of our seasonal sublimated ‘Pair & a Spare’ boot socks come packaged with one single silly SPARE sock.  Just in case the dryer troll gets hungry.

But that also means that every time you purchase TWO pairs of our original boot socks, you actually get a third pair FREE.  Permanent BUY 2 & GET 1 FREE!!!  #DSBOGO

Did you know that our retail partners have more styles of Pair & a Spare Socks than we do? Head over to your favorite tack store to purchase!