Tuesday May 7th, 2024 

Let's saddle up for a treat-filled day... 

How Each Horse Gets Treats

Aries: Fire up those hooves, Aries! Today, you'll find treats hidden in the most unexpected places—like inside your feed bucket. Surprise! It’s like a party in there, and everyone's invited (especially the sweet stuff).

Taurus: Slow and steady wins the race, Taurus, but today, it also wins the treats! You’ll find an extra carrot in your stall just for being your reliable, unflappable self. Who knew being chill could be so rewarding?

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Gemini: Hey, Gemini! Look left, now right—treats are coming at you from all directions today. Keep those ears perked, and you might just double your snack haul. It's a twin thing!

Cancer: Today, you get treats for just being you—sweet, sensitive, and occasionally a little crabby. Every nuzzle will earn you a nibble, so turn on that charm and the treats will flow like water in a trough.

Leo: As the king of the pasture, expect a royal treat dispensation session today. Every majestic trot and princely prance might just shake loose a few extra sugar cubes from your admirer's pockets.

Virgo: Check your feed bin, Virgo! Someone appreciated your perfect mane today and left a treat as a token of admiration for your grooming standards. Who knew neatness could be so delicious?

Libra: Balancing your charm just right will see treats tipping into your favor. Flash those soulful eyes at the right moment, and watch the treats balance out perfectly on the scale (and in your mouth).

Scorpio: Stealth mode on, Scorpio! You’ve got the intense gaze down; now use it to hypnotize your human into giving you extra treats. Look deep into their eyes and—voila! More treats!  Work your muzzle muscles and keep trying to unlatch that stall door. 

Sagittarius: Adventure awaits, Sagittarius, and it smells like apples! Gallop towards any hint of adventure today, and you might just stumble upon a treat treasure chest (or at least a bushel of apples). Or just make a dash for the groom box. You know she keeps the treats in there.

Capricorn: Work hard, snack hard, Capricorn. Today, your usual route may include a pit stop at Treat Central. Keep plodding along, and the rewards will come trotting up to meet you. Perhaps planting your feet in the crossties and refusing to co-operate could help teach your human that you need treats first. 

Aquarius: Expect the unexpected, Aquarius! Today, your treats come with a twist—maybe they’re flavored with peppermint or shaped like stars. Snack on, you quirky soul! Your human might offer you a bite of her sandwich. Take her up on it. 

Pisces: Dream a little dream of treats, Pisces, and it just might come true. Today, your gentle whinny and soft nuzzle could lead to a fantastical treat bonanza. Repeat every time someone walks by your stall for optimum amount of treats throughout the day. 

May the treats be ever in your favor, and may your day be filled with joyful munching! 🍏🥕✨