Friday, April 19th

Today is about harmony and connection. The stars are aligned to foster a deeper bond between you and your horse. Focus on activities that enhance trust and understanding. It could be a perfect day for groundwork or a gentle, relaxing ride. Reflect on your journey together and set intentions for the future. A good chat and some extra treats for your horse wouldn’t go amiss either!

Saturday, April 20th

Energy levels soar today! It's a great day to tackle more vigorous training or a longer trail ride. Your horse is likely to be full of zest, so harness this enthusiasm constructively. Remember, a spirited ride today might just be the adventure you both enjoy. Post-ride, ensure both you and your horse get ample rest and hydration—after all, great energy deserves great recovery!


Sunday, April 21st

Wind down and reflect. Today’s slower pace is perfect for some leisurely grooming and bonding time. Use this day to appreciate the simple joys of being with your horse. Maybe practice some gentle stretches or massage techniques to pamper your horse and help them relax. It’s also a wonderful day for a quiet hack, soaking in the beauty of nature and each other’s company.


This weekend promises a blend of action, connection, and relaxation. Embrace each day with the joy and passion that riding brings, and remember, every moment is a step in your wonderful equestrian journey. Enjoy!


Tip of the Weekend: Master the art of mindful moments with your horse.

This weekend, take the time to truly be in the present while you're with your horse. Whether you’re grooming, riding, or simply hanging out, pay close attention to the details—the texture of your horse's coat, the sound of their breathing, the feel of the air around you. This practice of mindfulness can significantly enhance the bond between you and your horse.

Additionally, use these moments to listen to what your horse is communicating. Their body language and responses can tell you a lot about how they're feeling and what they need from you. By being fully present, you not only enjoy your time more but also build a deeper, more responsive relationship with your horse.

So, saddle up for a weekend of connection and awareness, filled with tranquil rides and peaceful pauses. It’s a wonderful way to recharge both your spirits!

Entering Taurus Season brings a grounding energy that is perfect for you and your horse to enjoy a stable and productive week.