Limited T&T Socks

$15.95 USD


I work so my horses can party.Β 

Limited Edition socks are print to order! You may wait up to 14 days for shipping (depending on where you live) and you will receive 1 pair of socks!

Watch out, these are solo acts, so no spares here. Plus, they take about 5 days to craft in our sock-sorcery workshop! Proudly MADE IN THE USA, we whip up each pair especially for YOU (so no take-backs, sorry!).


Beware, they're not for the faint of heart - no refunds, exchanges or returns!

Material & Sizing

One size fits most, wash on cool and hang to dry. 50% Cotton, 42% Poly, 8% Elastane

Youth Sizes: Size Women's 5 and under