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    is an Advisory providing coaching, connections and creativity to technology-enabled nonprofit startups. Current nonprofit members of GC include Almost Fun, AnnieCannons, Dost Education, Konexio, mRelief, New Story, and Sirum. Each nonprofit has its own uniquely designed sock and proceeds from your purchase will go to the corresponding nonprofit. To learn more about GC and its nonprofit members, please visit the websites listed below: - Almost Fun's mission is to provide culturally-responsive and engaging digital educational resources that empower the learning of low-income and BIPOC students. - AnnieCannons is a mission-centered coding bootcamp and development shop connecting survivors of human trafficking with sustainable, high-income earning opportunities. - Dost Education gets kids ready for school by providing daily, digital coaching to parents of any literacy level. - Konexio creates a streamlined path to employment for refugees, migrants, and disadvantaged youth through digital skills training and direct work placement. - mRelief has built an easy-to-use platform online and on text messaging for people to sign up for food stamps. The process starts with texting 10 simple questions that take less than 3 minutes to answer. mRelief has served more than 800,000 families across all 50 states connecting them to food and other public support. - New Story exists to pioneer solutions to address global homelessness and imagines a world where no human lives in survival mode. With private individuals covering all overhead expenses, 100% of donations go directly to building life-changing communities.

    Recidiviz is a non-profit engineering team focused on accelerating progress towards a smaller, fairer criminal justice system. Recidiviz uses modern data infrastructure and thoughtful product design to empower agencies to safely and sustainably improve outcomes for people.

  - SIRUM takes unused, surplus medications and seamlessly deliver them to people who need them most. Their technology is built to connect the 10M adults who can’t afford their medicine with the $10B of surplus that goes to waste every year. SIRUM is leveraging existing Good Samaritan laws in over 40 states that allow for the donation of safe, unexpired medication to redistribute life-saving medicines to millions of low-income adults.

     *limited edition socks do not come with a spare sock*

    "Dreamers & Schemers will donate $4.00 for each pair of socks sold in support of Gina’s Collective LLC which supports the following charities: New Story, Sirum, Almost Fun, AnnieCannons, Dost, mRelief, Recidiviz, and Konexio. Learn more at . Each charity will receive a $4.00 donation per sock depending on what sock is sold and assigned to the specific charity.
    Purchases are not tax deductible as a charitable contribution by customer. Use of the Gina’s Collective name and the name of the above charities are with permission and does not imply endorsement, express or implied, of any commercial product or company. Offer void in Massachusetts, Alabama, Mississippi, Illinois, South Carolina, and Hawaii. "   ** NON REFUNDABLE or RETURNABLE**

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