Gallop NYC Boot Socks

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Gallop NYC is a nonprofit organization that seeks to empower New Yorkers with disabilities, veterans, seniors, and other high-need groups into determining goals for themselves that transfer into measurable and meaningful benefits in their everyday lives.
Gallop NYC does this through equine-centered programs such as therapeutic horseback riding and groundwork, which encourage social-emotional learning, cognitive and muscle development, community building, soft skills for job training, and more.
Founded in 2005, GallopNYC is the city's largest therapeutic riding program, serving nearly 400 riders weekly and engaging over 1000 skilled volunteers across four sites.
We invite you to join the community and find your "why" by visiting



*limited edition socks do not come with a spare sock*   ** NON REFUNDABLE or RETURNABLE**

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Don't worry about switching out your spur straps at show time. These cuties are all show friendly.