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    Design your own D&S Socks!

    Hey crazy sock lovin’ party people-

    Welcome to the D&S Boot Sock Customizer!

    This little guy is in Beta testing, we know it has some quirks so please be patient and read the instructions carefully. :-)

    This little guy CANNOT handle large photos!  We suggest using screen shots instead of larger photo files, but if you need to, please use the app Resize It – Image resize.  It is FREE and you can choose the size you need, which is MAX 3500 x 3500 pixes.

    We have provided you with some patterns and clipart, and will be adding more every month.

    If you want to take the background out of a photo and create your own clipart, we suggest using the FREE app Background Eraser and taking out everything you don’t want.  Or if you fancy, get your Photoshop and Illustrator on, but make sure you save the files with our size parameters.

    We need some space on the edges of your socks! 

    Please start with a background pattern or solid color for the base of your socks (or keep it white!)

    If you put text or images right to the edge of the template, there is a good chance that it is going to get cut off.  We cannot edit your file once you submit it and we will not be following up with you for edits after the fact, so PLEASE make sure you leave room! Please see photo example. 

    If you don’t care if a pattern or a background color goes right to the edge, don’t worry about the above warning.

    To design the back -- If you do not create a front and a back graphic for your sock we will print the same graphic on both sides, we will not leave it blank.

    If you need us to design your sock, we will still offer that service, it will just cost a smidge more for that first sock and graphic mock up ($30 in total) and has a minimum order of 12. 

    And be cool... :-) Do not use any copyrighted images or images that you do not have permission to use--or we may not be able to print it.

    Prices will be reflected in cart are per design:

    1 pair: $24.99

    2 pairs: $21.99/each

    3 pairs: $18.99/each

    4+ pairs: $15.99/each