Design Contest 2021

Hey Y'all!!
Welcome to our new design contest!
This year, we will be offering 2 different contests for your creative pleasure-
1. Design a Boot Sock
2. Design a Crew Sock
We will use 2 different sizes for the socks so you can make your own template with following dimensions-
Boot Sock- 5" wide X 22" tall 
Crew Sock- 5" wide X 12 "tall
Nothing Fancy! (see photo)  Just the pattern on the rectangle, we will mock up our favorites on socks for the winning announcement!
You can draw, paint, use clip art, design graphics, use design apps ect... But you have to submit a digital file.  A .PDF, a .JPEG, an .AI or .PSD  If it is too large, zip it or send a lower resolution version.  We will get back at you if we need a higher resolution.
The pattern must be the same on the front and the back of the sock, so you only have to design one flat side.  Just like our regular socks, there will be a seam on the side and it is difficult to match up items that wrap around, so try to avoid that.
(Please see photo example) 
Please note- do not include copyrighted materials.  Logos of sports teams, brands, movies & tv shows ect.. cannot be used.
You can purchase art from Etsy (Search Digital Paper) Shutter Stock, Dreamstime or you can create your own!  
Every item on your design will have to be sent to us so we can rebuild your pattern if you are chosen as a winner, so PLEASE SAVE EVERYTHING!!
You can email your submissions to and the subject MUST BE - DESIGN CONTEST-  (choose BOOT SOCK or CREW SOCK) so we can keep the submissions organized. 
Take your time and submit your best efforts :)  You can enter as many times as you would like, but please submit your best work!  Entries close on Feb 28th.
If we choose your pattern, work with you on edits and your pattern makes it into production, you will receive a $200 gift card for the website and you can use it on whatever you would like!
If you have questions that are not answered here, please DM us on Instagram. We will update this page with the info from everyone's questions, so watch this space!