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Bloggers in Socks

The Carolinas Equestrian

Dreamers & Schemers is a relatively new brand to the equestrian world, but it has taken it by storm. Started in April 2015 by Kristy Lake, “D&S puttered along, testing patterns and trying all sorts of different socks until we finally... read more...

My Equestrian Style

I am a big fan of the DS socks (just collaborated with them on an limited edition MES sock) but these are so perfectly cushy yet breathable. To top it all off, the socks are... read more...

Skip Feels Good

Look at this magic!!!!! When the teen won a pair of adorable boot socks from Dreamers & Schemers at a horse show, and I saw how sa-weet! they were, well of course I had to tell the world about them. Not only are they sassy and fun, they are uber comfortable... read more...

The Hunt Review

I’ve seen D&S all over social media and at horse shows – the ridiculously adorable prints are hard to miss. I’ve never been a fan of thin nylon socks, as there’s not enough cushion in the foot, so I never got a pair. But lo and behold... read more...

Paperchases & Petticoats Review

The fit is great and they stay put. Snug without cutting off circulation! I especially enjoy the secure black knit cuffs that blend in with your tall boots... read more...

Equestrian Evaluations Review

These socks seem to be popping up in every tack store I come across, and for good reason, they are amazing. I consider myself a little bit sock obsessed, but rarely do I find fun patterns with great material. Having bought several brands... read more...


The East Coast Equestrian


I am in love with the new Dreamers & Schemers sock collection. They fit perfectly underneath my boots without any bulk and the patterns are amazing. It’s a fun way to get ready and also a read more...







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