Derp Saddle Pad


Get a steal of a deal on DERP Saddle Pads!

What's a DERP you ask? 

A DERP is an unexpected result.... so these saddle pads are constructed just as well as our regular priced saddle pads, but they have some cosmetic issues.

A DERP Saddle Pad is: 

A) Dirty from shipping and needs to be washed (story of my life).

B) the pattern is printed upside down, but honestly, is it upside down when you are sitting up there? 

OR C) Printing errors

WHEN CHOOSING SIZING.... Full size fits 16inch+ saddles and Pony fits 15 inch saddles and under. If you have a saddle in the 15 to 16 inch range, please choose the full size pad option. The pony size might be too small.



Full: 23" across spine, 27" across widest part, 20" drop from base of spine to bottom of pad Pony: 20" across spine, 22" across widest part, 17" drop from base of spine to bottom of pad

RETURNS/EXCHANGES: DERPS are FINAL SALE - no returns or exchanges available.

$45.95 USD $69.95 USD